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Crisp Chicken Wings

Crisp Chicken Wings

Marinate the wings with salt papper & herbs and red chilly powder.

Mix flour,pepper & salt in a bag and mix chicken wings.roll the bag to coat the flour.Spray the wings with oil in oven tray.Bake till done.Turn the sides of the wings once in between cooking. Toss the wings in sauce to coat the sauce.While chicken is being cooked, lets make sauce.

Sauce Method-Heat oil in a pan and add garlic & sauté till brown,add ginger and cook.Add chilli sambal and chilli powder if using.Saute for a minute and add sugar & vinegar.Cook till reduced.Remove from fire and put in a helmet bowl and add cooked chicken wings.Toss and serve hot.You may garnish the wings with  chopped coriander s & chopped spring onion.

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