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Mutton Shaami Kabab

Mutton Shaami Kabab 

Spicy mutton kababs made with minced mutton and chana dal.
Cooking Time: 20-30 minutes
Servings: 4 
Preparation Time: 30-40 minutes

• Mutton mince (keema) 250 grams 

• Ghee 3 tablespoons 

• Caraway seed (shahi jeera) powder 1/2 teaspoon 

• Ginger,chopped 1/2 inch piece 

• Garlic,chopped 2 cloves 

• Dried red chillies,broken 2 

• Split Bengal gram (chana dal),soaked for 1/2 hour 1 tablespoon 

• Salt  to taste 

• Egg  1 

• Fresh mint leaves  1/4 cup 

• Fresh coriander leaves  1/4 cup 

• Deep fried onions  1/2 cup 

• Lemon juice  2 teaspoons 


Heat 2 tbsps ghee in a non-stick pan. Add caraway seeds, ginger, garlic, red chillies, keema and drained chana dal. Mix well and sauté for 2 minutes. Add salt and mix well. Cover and cook on medium heat till the moisture dries up and the dal is cooked. Break the egg in a bowl and whisk it well. Put mint leaves, coriander leaves and fried onions in a blender jar. Remove the mutton mixture from heat and set aside to cool. When cooled transfer into the blender jar and grind. Add lemon juice and grind to a coarse paste. Heat remaining ghee on a non-stick tawa. Divide mutton mixture into 8 equal portions and shape them into flat kababs. Dip each kabab in whisked egg and place it on the tawa. Shallow-fry, turning the side once, for 3-4 minutes or till both the sides are evenly cooked. Serve hot with green chutney

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