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Tiranga Paneer Tikka

Tiranga Paneer Tikka


Grate 100 grams of paneer and cut the rest into 1½ inch cubes. Slice each cube into three layers without cutting through. Mix grated paneer, salt and red chilli powder in a bowl. Whisk together besan, yogurt, salt, garlic paste and ginger paste in a bowl till smooth. Chop the coriander leaves, add and mix well. Add lemon juice and mix well. Spread grated paneer stuffing on the bottom layer and mint and coriander chutney on the upper layer of each paneer cube. Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Coat the paneer cubes with the besan mixture and place them on the pan in batches of 3-4. Cook, turning them once in a while, till all the 6 sides are evenly done. Serve hot basted with butter.

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