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7 Things to Know Before You Buy a DSLR Camera

The first thing that may pop up in your mind while thinking of buying a DSLR camera is 'Why should I buy one while there are smaller, lighter and more affordable digital compact cameras around? The answer to this can be given in just two words - versatility and image quality.

In the last couple of years or so, we have seen the arrival of a good number of DSLR camera models from some of the most reliable brands like Nikon, Canon and Sony. But just before zeroing in on any particular model, it's wise to know what actually do you want from your camera. Here are seven things to know before you buy a DLSR camera.

1. Megapixel Myth: More megapixels, better image quality is nothing but just a myth. High MP doesn't mean
better image quality. It just comes handy while enlarging, printing or cropping the photos. This is why you might find a significantly higher megapixel camera at lower price than one with lesser megapixels.
2. Sensor Matters: Cameras with larger sensors deliver better images. Larger sensors can collect more light thus producing less noisy images. The most popular sensors found in DSLRs today are of 2 types - CCD and CMOS.

CCD Sensor: CCD stands for Charge-Coupled Device and produces high quality images. Relatively Expensive.

CMOS Sensor: It stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Consumes lesser power and is cheaper than CCD sensor.
3. Zoomed In: Optical zoom depends on the lenses attached to the DSLR. Lenses are almost always zoomed and focused manually by hand. So, while planning to buy a DSLR camera, don't just search about how much optical zoom it houses as it is the lens that does the trick.
4. The View: Go for a DSLR camera with LCD that has Live View. It comes effective in different shooting conditions such as taking images, holding the camera over the head, down low any situations where it's not easy to use the optical viewfinder. However, remember that battery life of a DSLR camera stays longer if you don't use Live-View or capture video.

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