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There are many ways for making money online with or without your own web site. We can earn by using Internet advertising model such as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC). It is one of best methods for you to earn great money from posting the clients' ads on your websites. You will earn money when users visit your website and click the ads on your web pages. There are many pay per click (PPC) programs in the network market for you to make money online. I would like to introduce the top five best pay per click programs for you to make money online.

Google AdSense is the best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program to publishers, available for earn money by advertising Google Ads on their own websites. AdSense is the best affiliate pay per click program for web publishers. Web publishers can make money online by freely enrolling in the AdSense program and placing a bit of code on personal websites. AdSense members make money based on the number of clicks on an ad or in some cases the amount of impressions (visitor views).AdSense is free, easy-to-use and comes with a very popular and established name attached to it. It is Google. They pay well, and their ads are quite relevant to the contents of the page. Their minimum payout is $100. 

Chitika is the alternative to Google’s AdSense. As well, as a direct competitor to Google AdSense. Chitika is maybe the most well known and highly considered program on this list, and that is largely because of its verified record of success. Many who use both AdSense and Chitika have reported that they see a higher click through rate with Chitika, though this is largely because the ads are product related, so they greatly do better than Google on niche blogs and sites. They have an interesting rank referral program that allows you to earn 10% of the income generated by publishers that you refer.
Chitika recommends 4 easy to apply and customizable opportunities to make money as a web publisher,
1. Chitika Premium displays advertisements subject to the search engine query that landed the                visitor.
2. White space monetizes extra space in high resolution monitors to display relevant ads in parallel to your website
3. Lynx creates pay per click links within your content
4.The referral or affiliate program offers 10% of the income generated by publishers you refer to the program and 25% for advertisers.
Payments are sent after your account earns at least USD$10.00 for PayPal payouts or USD$50.00 for checks.

BidVertiser is an excellent alternative Pay Per Click program to Google AdSense. Bidvertiser as the name hints, that is an auction - based PPC program. It provides web publishers a way to earn their websites with an auction based pay per click program. This unique effort pays out based on an advertiser’s bid for your ad space rather than keyword popularity. Therefore, the popular quality sites earn much more money per click than lower quality sites with the same keywords.

This system also allows for flash, little written content, or other application heavy websites that are difficult to move slowly easier to earn. Bidvertiser is one of the few PPC programs that actually have steadily increasing income as your site matures in the system. In addition, Bidvertiser offers a referral program for advertisers and publishers which adds a bit of a commission part to the program. An advantage of Bidvertiser is that you get a payout at 10$ and they also pay through PayPal.

Infolinks is text relevant Pay Per Click Advertising. You will see key words double underlined during your website or blog text. Every time a visitor hangs around over one of these double-underlined words, an advertisement related to what they are reading appears. Every time a reader clicks on one of Info links ads on your site, you get paid.You earn 70% income share per click the highest in the dealing. You also get more clicks with the industry’s highest CTR. With no minimum site views and no hidden commitments, Infolinks simply earns you more.

Clicksor is another leading Contextual Advertising Network (PPC) offers webmasters the opportunity to earn extra income by simply underlining a selection of click-able text or displaying targeted contextual banners on their websites or blogs. You can earn up to 85% income share, depending on the performance the advertisers reach from your Web site ad placements.

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