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Hell No, We Won’t Go: No Fake Net Neutrality for Racial Justice Advocates

As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers Comcast’s bid to control the lion’s share of the Internet and cable market, The Wall Street Journal reports that the regulatory agency intends to propose rules that will allow Internet companies to discriminate online. The consequences for Internet users of color and racial justice content providers couldn’t be more devastating.

Net Neutrality protest at Google HQ (Photo: Flickr / Steve Rhodes / CC 2.0)
Net Neutrality protest at Google HQAccording to The Wall Street Journal, instead of preventing discrimination with real Network neutrality rules, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will propose a new set of rules in response to the January court decision that struck down open Internet protections. These new rules would allow Internet service providers like Comcast or Verizon to charge content providers an extra fee to fast track their content to end users like me and you. 

According to the proposed rules, big Internet companies would be able to decide whether or not to charge content providers a toll based on a subjective standard called “commercial reasonableness.” Disguised as Network neutrality, these proposed rules stand to create an Internet where the biggest producers of content, like Netflix and MSNBC, will pay more to push their products to wider audiences. Smaller content producers who can’t afford to pay may be pushed onto a digital dirt road, unable to raise a powerful public voice online.

Hell No, We Wont Go: No Fake Net Neutrality for Racial Justice Advocates | Perspectives | BillMoyers.com

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