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Saffron From INDIA

Saffron - one of the most expensive spices in the world

The high cost of this spice is to get one kilogram of finished product to grow about 170 000 colors.
The finished product sells for around $ 3500 per kilogram.It was used as a means of imparting energy and love power to cure cataracts, as an antidote, and as incense, conquering bad smells.

Blooming flowers of saffron, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Evidence of ancient sources say that saffron is one of the oldest known spices. It is mentioned as a valuable medicine and incense in Egyptian medical texts in 1500 BC, in the written sources of the Sumerian civilization, the Chinese medical books in 2600 BC, in the Old Testament.

Harvesting Saffron

Plantation Pampura occupy 4000 hectares
Woman separates stigmas from the flowers

Plate with stigmas

 Weigh the dried saffron before zapakovyvaniem

Ready for sale saffron

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